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Photoshoot for Couples: How to Prepare to Make Sure You Love Your Photos?

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Couples photoshoots are quite common these days. Many even decide to have a photographer document their proposal, maybe with the romantic streets of Prague or the Charles Bridge as their backdrop. Others want a photoshoot with their partner as a nice way to remember this time as a couple, or to remember their vacation here in Prague. Many couples have asked me how they can prepare for this type of photoshoot. Here are a few tips for you:

Relax and be yourself

Honestly, you can stop reading now. This is the most important thing to remember for your photoshoot. I understand that some of us get nervous at the thought of someone taking our portrait. Believe me, I am one of those people. I would much rather be behind the camera than in front of it. But, don’t worry about the photoshoot! Relax, enjoy and know that your photographer is not looking for perfectly posed individuals. Frankly, the one thing I am looking for when I shoot are candid moments that show your real affection for each other – the in-between moments, the laughs and the authentic moments -- and those cannot be staged. For example, as a photographer I will direct you and maybe show you some poses, but my job is to capture your unique love story through candid and spontaneous moments. So, just be yourself and interact normally with your partner. Those candid photos will be some of your favorites. That’s a promise!

Tips for couples photoshoot

Don't be afraid to be goofy and have fun with your partner.

Be comfortable

Perhaps the most common question that I’m asked before every photoshoot is: What should I wear? The answer is: Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Wear an outfit that makes you feel amazing! That’s the secret. You should definitely wear complimentary colors, but not necessarily matching colors (more on that below). As a practical point, it’s usually a good idea to avoid stripes and very busy patterns for your photoshoot outfits. Also, getting a manicure before the shoot would be nice. Yes, guys, I’m talking to you, too. The hands will be prominent in many of the photos…so, make sure they look nice! As far as makeup, try to avoid heavy eye makeup, especially if you usually are minimal with your application. The goal is to look very natural and like yourself. Feel free to bring with you some accessories – a hat, a scarf or a blazer can add some variety to the photos. Even your pet can be a fun "prop" to bring along to the photoshoot. Just make sure you mention to your photographer if you will be bringing your pet so that we can offer some suggestions for making the shoot more comfortable for everyone - including your furry friend.

Get inspired

A photographer can do a better job for you when he or she has some idea of the type of photos you like. Some couples decide to start a mood board with photographs of couples that they think look amazing. Doing this helps in several ways. First, it can give you an idea of some poses you might like to try with your partner. Remember, not all poses work for all couples so don’t get caught up in perfectly duplicating a pose just because you like it. Try some poses with your partner in front of the mirror; see which ones you like and which you don’t. Also, a mood board can give you some inspiration for outfits, accessories or makeup you think looks good in portrait photos. Again, your goal is not to duplicate a certain look, but to be inspired to make it your own, and maybe even better. Finally, finding images that inspire you will help you and your photographer choreograph the mood for your photoshoot and help you tell a cohesive story through pictures. I don’t necessarily mean matching outfits or colors. For example: You could be wearing the same colors but one of you could look like he’s going to a football match and the other might look like she’s going to an evening ball. That’s definitely not what we want to accomplish! So, a mood board can help you coordinate all of these details to do a better job of telling your love story.

Candid shots are truly the best! Plus, you are creating new happy memories by having fun together on your photoshoot.

In summary...

Be yourself, wear something that makes you feel comfortable and know what you like and the type of photos that you want. These are just a couple of tips to help you make sure that your photoshoot is a success and that you end up with photos you love. Don’t shy away from asking questions of your photographer. I always love chatting with my clients in advance of the photoshoot. The goal is to make you feel relaxed and help you to enjoy your photo session with your partner. In this way you will not only get amazing candid captures of the session, but also create wonderful memories together.

Do you still have questions about couples photography? Please write me a message. I would love to hear from you!

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