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Why You Should Schedule a Motherhood Portrait Session

"Always my mother. Forever my friend."

There is no stronger bond than the one between a mother and her children. The amazing thing is that it doesn't matter how old her children are - whether they are infants or they are adults - the relationship between a mom and her kids will always be special and wonderful. However, it is also constantly changing.

I think perhaps the main reason why the mother/child relationship is ever evolving is because "time flies". Honestly, I'm pretty sure I blinked and my own child grew up into a beautiful adult woman. This is the first reason why you should schedule a Motherhood photoshoot. Regardless of how old your "baby" is, a portrait session is a great way to preserve the memories of this time in your relationship. Of course, we know that our kids change as they get older but it's really nice to be able to remember the things that make today wonderful -- before things change and we are remembering a different time for wonderful but different reasons. So, why not celebrate motherhood and preserve the memories with your child right now with portrait photos?

Hard to believe they grow up so fast. Make sure you document

today's memories with a Motherhood Portrait Session!

Most parents are constantly trying to make sure they capture and keep those special moments of their children with photographs. Unfortunately, that means mom is often chasing the kids with the camera and hardly ever in the family photographs. Is that the case in your family? For sure that was the case when my own daughter was growing up...I was almost always behind the camera. So, that's another reason why you might want to schedule a Motherhood portrait session. If you scroll through your family photos and notice that mom is missing from the portraits, it's probably a good idea to make sure her special moments and memories with the kids are also being documented.

Another good reason to schedule a photography session for mom is that they are great gifts. People shy away from scheduling a photoshoot like this because they think it will be a lot of work for mom - and she's already super busy. If you're giving a portrait session as a gift, maybe you're afraid mom would be stressed about it or uncomfortable with being the center of attention. However, making sure mom's moments with her kids are captured doesn't have to be a stressful or big production. The photoshoot could be as simple as eating ice cream together with the kids, blowing bubbles at the park, a nature walk to collect flowers (or rocks). The photoshoot could even take place at the comfort of your home. Think about how cute it would be to take some photos of mom as she's cuddling with her kids and reading a story to them! Trust me...there's no need to stress about a photoshoot. It can be a very relaxed and fun time for mom with your child; a time where new and beautiful memories are created.

The beauty about a Motherhood portrait session is that you don't need to have little children in order for it to work for your family. A mother might want to have portraits with an older child that might be going to college. Or, an adult child might want to have photos of with his/her older mother (or even grandmother) during her golden years. The possibilities are endless! And, there are no rules that say you must wait until some special holiday or birthday to celebrate mom and make her feel special and appreciated. So, make sure you take the time to do something nice for mom. And, if you're a mom, make sure you're in the photos with your kids. Even if they are just selfies, you will not regret making these great memories with your kids today.

My "Mommy and Me" photo sessions

seem to always be selfies...but that's okay!

Do you want to make mom feel special? Schedule a Motherhood Photography Session with me. It would be my pleasure to capture the beauty of that very important person in your family.


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